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📼 A whole retro synth soundtrack ready for your game!

35 eerie tracks! ðŸ”ª

More than 65 minutes of music! All tracks loop seamlessly.

I am a composer of music for video games, mainly horror (Puppet Combo Murder House, Junji Itō inspired Next Door, etc.)

I had a blast creating these songs and hope you can use them.

Don't forget to check the devlog, for each song I created a mini horror story to go with it.



(Ambience) Amniotic Tank Experiment
(Ambience) Blackhole Winter
(Ambience) Fake DNA
(Ambience) Final Day
(Ambience) It takes millions of years to die
(Ambience) Mimic Town
(Ambience) Monster Museum
(Ambience) Radial Symmetry
(Ambience) Stardust
(Ambience) The Electroshock Treatment Experience 1975
(Ambience) The Valley of Ghosts Origin
(Ambience) Through the eyes of the Doll
(Ambience) Universe Border

(Chillout) Blurry Glowing Lights
(Chillout) Exoplanet
(Chillout) Forever Walker
(Chillout) Man Made Wings
(Chillout) Mandala Anomalies
(Chillout) Reality Filter Experiment
(Chillout) Suicide Game
(Chillout) The Discovery
(Chillout) The Well

(Soundscape) 1944 HOX Gene Manipulation
(Soundscape) Big Bang
(Soundscape) Edge of the World
(Soundscape) Exoskeleton
(Soundscape) Hybrid Embryos
(Soundscape) May The Worst Happen
(Soundscape) New breeds of super protein meat
(Soundscape) The 4th Dimension
(Soundscape) The Portal
(Soundscape) The Rare Form of Osteochondritis

(Tense) Danger
(Tense) The Last Key
(Tense) Undead Killing Spree


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

You are free to: Share & Adapt,
under the following terms: Attribution & No additional restrictions

🕸️ clementpanchout.com

Questions? Please contact me!
A few links to follow me : Youtube / Bandcamp / Spotify


Buy Now$19.00 USD or more

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