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I'm a videogame composer
(Puppet Combo Murder House & Christmas Massacre, Next Door ...)
Youtube / Bandcamp / clementpanchout.com

I'm giving away tracks I've made for musical challenges or unreleased games
(read devlog for song details)

14 songs to date. All tracks loop seamlessly.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) You are free to: Share & Adapt, under the following terms: Attribution & No additional restrictions.

Something like: "Music by Clement Panchout www.clementpanchout.com", thanks!



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80s Zombies Movie (Retro Horror) 10 MB
Arabian Princess (Cinematic) 16 MB
Best Party Ever (Drum & Bass) 14 MB
Dark (Horror) 8 MB
I want to believe (Horror Soundscape) 16 MB
Jelly Blob (Upbeat Rock) 11 MB
Journey (Cinematic) 9 MB
Life is full of Joy (Upbeat Pop) 13 MB
Revenge (Gloomy) 16 MB
Round Glasses (Orchestral) 10 MB
Sweet 70s (Funky) 19 MB
The Whispering Shadows Dungeon (Gloomy Horror) 17 MB
Time Flies (Emotional) 16 MB
Unsettling Victory (Horror Jingle) 4 MB

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Hi there, can I use this music in my Youtube videos? I will definitely credit you :>

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Hi, yes no worries you can use my music in your YouTube videos :)


Can they be used in commercial projects?


Yes, absolutely! Just credit me somehow with a link to my website please.


Hello, I am making a game for non-commercial purposes, am i allowed to use your music in my game? Also I will credit you definitely.


Yes, absolutely! :)


Creepy! .............     I like it!

The zombie one is good for a horror game


Thanks :) I appreciate it!

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Hi Clement, I just tested "Whispering Shadows Dungeon" in my pre release beta and I am very impressed it fits well with what am trying to do. You can now see this in my pre-beta release I at: https://baycitygame.com 

You're making my day, I'm very glad this track fits your project :) Thanks for sharing Thor, I appreciate it.


Your very welcome Clement. I read the license agreement, and it mentions displaying the name of the creator, so I took the liberty of mentioning your name both on the youtube channel  and on the Bay City Game LLC web site under the video. Please let me know if this is not OK to do. I do not get much traffic to either site at the moment. They both are so new. Have an amazing rest of your day.  

P.S. I am in UTC -8 PT. 



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Yes thanks for displaying my name, if you could put a link to my website too www.clementpanchout.com I would really appreciate it!



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Really cool music pack... soundtrack is very important part of game but most of indie developers do not know how to make good music :D

Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)


Hey Clement Panchout is it ok if I modify "The Whispering Shadows Dungeon" a bit to fit the needs perfectly of the game I'm working on

Hey there! Yes absolutely you can modify the track! Let me know how it sounds in game!


Thanks! And I'll let you know how it sounds


Good stuff

Thanks :)


Perfect !

:D thanks